Remembering Your Loved One

Why Choose a Memorial?

You can memorialise a loved one’s legacy or memory in other ways as well, jewellery, online memorials, memorial trees, benches or plaques in favourite places.

People have been commemorating their loved ones with some form of memorial stone for thousands of years. To mark a final resting place or create a focal point for families to visit, we can advise on a full range of traditional and contemporary memorial options.

Today, memorials come in many forms and are often used to mark a grave or resting place where ashes have been interred, or simply mark a favourite spot.

Monumental Masonry

Our monumental work is created by experienced craftsmen, we have a diverse range of memorials, or you can request a bespoke design of your own.

There is also a large number of memorials on display at our premises which may inspire you in your final choice for your loved one. We can assist with inscriptions, cleaning and renovation, and offer advice on regulations, thanks to our long-standing relationships with local churchyards and cemeteries. Please feel free to contact us for a brochure or visit us at our premises to view the memorials we currently have on display.

Interment of Ashes

Interment or burial of the ashes in a cemetery, or a place of your choice, is also an option.

This has the advantage of a specific and permanent place of memorial to visit or lay flowers over the coming years. Local cemeteries offer dedicated 'cremated remains plots'. Even a family grave, which is no longer available for a burial, would almost certainly be able to accommodate an ashes casket and an inscription could be added to the memorial or a new memorial erected.

We can arrange all details of an ashes interment including both erection of new memorial or adding inscriptions and renovating existing memorials.

Urns & Keepsakes

We also provide a wide range of urns & keepsakes so that the remains may be kept in a traditional manner. Urns come in a variety of sizes and styles: wooden versions of the coffin, eco-friendly bamboo, wool or wicker, personally designed with photography or a design to reflect your loved one's personality.

Keepsake Jewellery

Our keepsakes and jewellery are crafted with love and care. To many they become timeless vessels, holding treasured memories close, and reminding us that we carry our loved ones with us.

Ashes Caskets

This very popular solid oak ashes casket comes with an optional name plate. The oak ashes casket is suitable for interment in the majority of churchyards and cemeteries.


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