Together, we can arrange your loved one’s funeral in a way that’s truly personal to them. Our experienced Funeral Director's will guide you through the decisions you’ll need to make, helping you honour all the important details of your loved one’s life.

However, some of the key elements to think about beforehand will obviously be around whether the person who has died expressed any preferences or pre-arranged any elements of the funeral. Please see below a few questions that can help you to plan with confidence and peace of mind.

Please see below a few questions that can help you to plan with confidence and peace of mind

  • Do they wish to be cremated or buried, if so, where?

  • Would they want a religious, semi-religious or non-religious service?

  • What style of funeral would they have liked, elaborate or simple, traditional or bespoke?

  • Do you want to express their unique personality in elements of the ceremony?

  • How much family involvement would you like in the planning of the funeral and participation in the ceremony?

  • Are there any ethical considerations – a ‘green’ funeral?

  • Are there any specific people you would like to do readings or make speeches?

  • Would they like their family and friends to have a wake, gathering or party afterwards? If so, where?

  • What music would they liked to be played?

  • If a cremation is required, where would they like their ashes to be kept or scattered?

  • Would they like friends and family to send flowers or make a donation to a charity?

It is a good idea to write things down as you think of them, as this will help in your discussions with the Funeral Director, especially at a time when you will be very emotional and may not remember everything that is important to you or the person who has passed away. Remember, you don’t have to wait until the death occurs, and may want to make some enquiries or visit a Funeral Director to have some initial discussion beforehand.

Following the Competition and Market Authority's (CMA) investigation into the funeral sector, all funeral directors are now required by law to provide a Standard Price List. The CMA Standard Price List will allow you to compare funeral directors on a like-for-like basis which you can download below.

This information will also be available within our office & we can provide or supply additional products and services at a cost.

Helpful Information Booklet

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STANDARDISED PRICE LIST All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardised set of products and services This is to help you think through your options and ma 2

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