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One-to-one bereavement counselling

Let us put you in touch with complimentary bereavement support delivered by a qualified bereavement counsellor through SAIF, the Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors. 

SAIF Care Associate Counsellors are highly skilled and qualified. They will be able to help you to understand your experience of grief, develop self-care, coping strategies and support you to deal with the challenges you may be facing. The sessions can take place over the phone, via online chat or email or even potentially at a location of your choice, if you need face to face support.

Cruse Bereavement Support

Cruse offer support through their website, national helpline, group, zoom, telephone or one-to-one in person support. They want to make sure everyone grieving gets the help they need in a way that works for them. They have a specially trained dedicated team of 4,000 bereavement volunteers.



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